-130€ savings

Measured per person per year
on your water and energy bills
10 L 10 L 10 L 10 L

HYDRAO Shower, smart and responsible

With HYDRAO Shower, saving water becomes a game: up to 70% savings.

For a family of 4, your payback is in mere months.

HYDRAO is simple to use and is perfect for all the family.

That’s good for the planet and your wallet !

Measure your savings

Save twice by cutting your water and heating usage!

Average number of showers (per housesold, per day)
Shower duration
Shower flow
Water Price
Energy Cost

Savings per year with HYDRAO

Already 0000 and 0000 MWh saved in 2018 with HYDRAO !

Cutting edge

Cutting edge technology

Thanks to the water turbine, no battery required!

Monitor your usage thanks to the free app

- Patented system
- Designed in France